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Seasons - Winter

This is a quiet time in our countryside as much of the wildlife is in hibernation (the lack of insect life being particularly noticeable), or has gone to warmer climes for the winter period. However, it is considered one of the most beautiful times of year in the woodland, with morning frost on the bare tree branches and the climbing Ivy leaves

RobinOne of the most distinctive winter animals is the Robin, with its’ characteristic red breast and rich ‘warbling’ song, it will defend its’ territory, often aggressively. In folklore the Robin is said to ‘take cool dew on its’ little bill and lets it fall on sinful souls in torment’, so the red breast is a result of the fire that scorches him as he drops the water.

GoosanderIn early December, the Mistle Thrush, or ‘Storm Cock’, starts singing its’ far carrying, strident, fluty song from the very tops of trees. The lack of foliage also makes it easier to spot creatures such as Voles and Weasel. This is also the time to see the beautiful and elegant Goosander – one of our winter visitors.

Threats to conservation of the area –

  1. Shooting indiscriminately – by youths with Air Rifles/Shotguns
  2. Illegal burning (youths starting fires, etc) can have a detrimental affect on the flora and fauna as there is an overall loss of plant diversity, and therefore fauna.
  3. Illegal Motorbike riding and 4x4’s which tear up soil, and destroy vegetation and disturb wildlife.
  4. Littering and fly tipping.
  5. Poaching of fish and other wildlife.