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Seasons - Summer

In summer, you may see some interesting woodland species such as Wood Avens (also known as Herb Bennet) (Geum urbanum), which is a shade loving woodland plant flowering between May and August. In folklore Wood Avens are said to drive away evil spirits.

Yellow Welsh PoppyThe purple flowers of Dog Violets come out between April and June, and the bright yellow Welsh Poppy (Meconopsis cambrica) can be seen in damp woodlands in June and July. In August and September, the second brood of Holly Blue, which was reared on Holly, can be found searching for Ivy flowers, in which to lay their eggs.

Common Blue ButterflyFrom May through to July the black and red Cinnabar moth is in flight, although not generally seen during the day it might be disturbed from some long grass. However, a similar looking species – the Six Spot Burnet – is a day flying moth which can be seen from June to August, together with Common Blue butterfly, especially in the grasslands with the presence of Birds Foot Trefoil (their larval foodplant).

Collect FruitWhy not join the many families who collect wild fruits such as Blackberries, wild strawberries and raspberries along the trail.