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Seasons - Spring

Cuckoo flower Woodland - Look out for emergence of spring flowers such as: Lesser Celandine, Wood Sorrel and Wood Anemone, and in damp glades the small pale lilac flowers of the Cuckoo flower (also known as ladys’ smock) – key food plant of the orange tip butterfly.

Cuckoo pintLook out for the Cuckoo pint (Arum maculatum)  – known by a selection of common names, such as: Lords and Ladies, Jack in the Pulpit, Devils and Angels, Cows and Bulls, Adam and Eve, and Bobbins. Purple spotted leaves appear in spring, followed by the club-like flower which is protected by a leaf-like hood.

CuckooDuring spring the Cuckoo arrives from its’ winter retreat in Africa, so listen out for the distinctive mating call of the male Cuckoo from early spring (March). Cuckoos have a particular liking for hairy caterpillars. There is a cacophony of bird calls and songs from birds such as Chiff Chaff, Willow warbler, Blackcap, Bullfinch, Chaffinch, Blackbird, Song thrush, Robin etc.

You may hear the repetitive musical call of the Song thrush (which is in serious decline), which likes eating snails by smashing them against a rock with a swish of the head. Common butterfly species such as Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell and Peacock can also be seen in Spring. Look out for the small but dazzling Holly Blue, fluttering around Holly, looking for the flowers, on which it will lay its’ eggs.