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Trevithick Tunnel

The tunnel is an integral part of the tramway and one of the main features on the trail as it is the Oldest Railway Tunnel in the World.

The new path was constructed directly above the tunnel which is approximately 110m in length and built with dressed sandstone.

Land Above Tunnel (Before) Path Above Tunnel (During) Path Above Tunnel (After)
Path leading to Tunnel Trevithick Tunnel Tunnel Entrance

It was Richard Trevithick’s idea to tunnel under the calcining kilns of the Plymouth Ironworks.

The chimney stack on the Trevithick engine was built so that it could be lowered in order to negotiate the restricted headroom.

The path below was constructed alongside the tunnel entrance which was formed in 1984 as part of a land reclamation scheme. The gradient of the tunnel falls North to South at a slope of 1 in 50 and was most likely self draining.