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Pont - Y - Gwaith

Many features remain giving a glimpse into the heritage of the site and its historical importance. One of the best examples of the stone sleepers are shown here. These are the original stones that the rails sat on which had been buried under foliage until careful excavation uncovered them.

Pontygwaith Overbridge (Before) Sleeper blocks at Pontygwaith Looking North  At Pontygwaith After Completion
Pontygwaith Overbridge (After) Sleeper blocks at Pontygwaith Stone Sleeper Blocks After Completion

The stones have not been moved from their original position but sub base material and stone dust was laid around the stones to preserve them and to form the path. It’s a clear image how the wagons were pulled along these tracks. At Pontygwaith, the tramroad is crossed by a steeply-inclined bridge known as the Pontygwaith Overbridge.

The bridge made of Pennant Sandstone is a Grade 2 Listed structure which was restored in 2004. The area around the bridge was overgrown with no firm surface to walk on.