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Phase Two

Digital and Audio Stories

Digital and audio stories were created by participants who live near the trail. It is hoped that these stories offer an insight into the communities and individuals that live along the route of the trail. These stories and many others digital stories from Merthyr Tydfil can be found at www.merthyrstories.org.uk. Nine stories were recorded as part of this project and include; one digital story created by Mount Pleasant school and eight audio stories.

Artist: Diego Vidart

Ceramic Tiles

Working closely with the landscape plans for the area, nine ceramic tiles have been set into a newly constructed stone wall alongside the trail. The tiles depict a range of images drawn from local history, community stories and the surrounding scenery. In addition to the final tiles that are on display numerous others have been created in workshops with local groups, school children and drop-in ceramics classes.

Ceramic Tiles Ceramic Tiles Ceramic Tiles

Artist: Christine Chivers.

Steel Sculptures

Three sculptures have been placed along the trail at Merthyr Vale, Mount Pleasant and Pontygwaith. The sculptures have been constructed from steel and inset with a circular bronze disk.  The sculptures allude to the strong industrial heritage of the the area, both in the materials used and in the design. The sculptures in their construction make subtle reference to the coalmining past and the railway heritage of the route. Each sculpture has an individual plaque that depicts a point of interest along the trail.

             Steel Sculpture Design

Steel Sculpture Steel Sculpture Steel Sculpture

Artist: Craig Pearce

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