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Phase One

Trevithick Stones

Fifteen pennant stone boulders displaying text which has been sand blasted into the surfaces have been sited in the region of the Trevithick tunnel. These stones form markers for the trail as well as seats and objects of interest along the route. Pennant stone was chosen because it is hard wearing and because of the iron ore and coal content of the stone which has a strong significance to the local area. The text was chosen from a range of historical and local sources by the artist.

Trevithick Stones Trevithick Stones Trevithick Stones

Artist: Robert Kennedy

Trevithick Granite Markers

Four large, polished, granite stones are sited near the Trevithick tunnel with the intention of enticing visitors from the car park along a path to the Trevithick tunnel. Each stone displays simplified images of a different theme, including; the Trevithick engine, local plant life, a stylised map of the route and silhouettes of people who live on the trail and took part in the projects.

Granite Markers Granite Markers Granite Markers

Artist: Robert Kennedy

Banner Making

The banner project involved the production of 100 banners to be placed along the route of the trail for the Trevithick trail cycle ride on completion of phase 1. Each banner featured a colourful silhouette of a person or group of people who had taken part in the project or who lived near the trail. The creation of each banner represents the cumulative work of several people in numerous workshops due to the process involved in producing a banner – the person depicted, the photographer, the vinyl pickers and the vinyl stickers.

Banners Banners Banners

Artist: Robert Kennedy

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